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slow chemistry models?

Tired of slow chemistry models for CFD that does not meet your expectations?

Tailored Chemistry uses the ACR methodology which has been shown in peer-reviewed papers to produce faster, or more accurate, kinetic models based on your requirements. Using a combination of intelligent algorithms, the ACR method can create compact mechanisms that are tailored to any set of conditions. Furthermore, you decide the uncertainty limit for the model, giving you the option to either have state-of-the-art run-time or accuracy. The process is straight forward. You choose a fuel-mixture and some conditions, then we find the best detailed mechanism in all of academia, the model that is considered true chemistry. Then ACR does its thing, and on the other side we get a selection of mechanisms from immensely compact to slightly larger with perfect reproduction of the chemistry.


Do you use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for development or testing of combustion systems, industrial reactors or any other systems with reacting flows? Are you working with detonations, gas turbines, internal combustion engines, urban air quality simulations, or any other gas-phase reacting system? Is it difficult to find fast and accurate chemical kinetic models that describe the combustion or reactions in your system? Are you using Large Eddy Simulations (LES), Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) or Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) modeling both turbulence and chemical reactions? Then we can provide you with chemistry models.


We develop small chemical kinetic mechanisms tailored for your applications. Mechanism size and simulation time is a trade-off between speed and accuracy, we will make sure to deliver the optimal solution for your testing or R&D project. Many companies does not have their own experts in chemical kinetics. To adress this we have a service we call “Subscription to R&D”, which mean that for the duration of your R&D project we will provide you with selectedinformation about your target fuel or chemical. As the fundamental scientific understanding of relevance to your system increase, we provide you with the information you need, no more, no less.


An important aspect of today’s business world is to have a long-term sustainablility plan. Tailored Chemistry products and services are aligned with primarily nine of Agenda 2030 global sustainable development goals. By contributing to development of renewable and clean fuels and combustion systems, we adress issues such as better health and well-being of humans in urban environments, climate and clean energy. We and our customers thus contribute to a better world. 

The innovative reduction and chemical analysis tool, ACR, that is the foundation of Tailored Chemistry was adopted from academic studies by the two co-founders with complimentory skill sets. Elna Heimdal Nilsson has extensive experience within kinetic research, with an excellent understanding of the underlying experiments and current state of mechanism development. With years of programming expertise, Christoffer Pichler converts this knowledge, together with input from our clients, into highly optimised and computationally efficient kinetic models.

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