We create computationally efficient chemical mechanisms tailored to your needs

Service tailored to your application.


We provide you with a reduced mechanism, tailored to your specific case.


You need a fuel mixture with particular properties? We tailor the right composition for you.


We keep you up-to-date with the latest research, while also providing regular updates to your kinetic mechanisms.

Our Subscription-to-R&D package

Tailored chemistrys infographic about the subscription package

We produce chemical kinetic mechanisms for all fuels and have this far focused on some common fuels on the market:

– Natural gas
– Ethanol
– Petroleum surrogates
– Biodiesel components

We do have the capacity to create mechanisms for all fuel and fuel mixtures, so don´t hesitate to send a request, for any fuel or application.


Using our ACR method we use complex chemical mechansims with thousands of tens of thousands of chemical reactions to develop reduced reactions consisting of about 30 to 300 reactions. The size of our product mechanism depend on the customer demands, for example a mechanism that can handle a wide range of conditions will be slightly larger than one that is restricted to limited conditions. We use information about the computational capacity you have, the CFD methodology use, and your expectations on the final results, to develop a perfectly tailored mechanism.

Our goal is to create a mechanism that fullfill your expectations on accuracy, to a minimal computational cost. Efficiency is key. In addition to mechanism development we can also provide you with information on fuel mixtures that would fullfill your demands. Say that you know that you want to mix two or more fuels and burn them in a particular combustion system, but you do not know the best exact composition of the fuel mixture. Explain your needs to use and we will use our algorithms to investigate which fuel mixture would be the best for your system.

Subscription to R&D

If you need to implement chemical kinetics mechanisms in your CFD simulations you probably also need some chemical expertise to chose the right chemical mechanisms and input conditions for your simulations, and to analyse the final results. We are aware that many R&D teams do not have the resources to employ a chemical kinetics expert and struggle to keep up to date with the knowledge on the field of reaction chemistry related to, for example, biofuels. The scientific knowledge on biofuel combustion is improving rapidly, which new results enabeling more accurate chemical models.

However, with know in-house resources related to this, many combustion device developers use outdated chemical kinetic mechanisms, without even knowing that there are better ones available. To fill in the knowledge-gap and to provide our customers with continously updated knowledge and mechanisms we have developed our “Subscription to R&D” service. With this service we keep track on the scientific advances for you, provide you with regular summaries of the state of knowledge, and when needed we produce updated mechanisms for you.